Surrender // Tefaf 2016

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style Office

Tefaf 2016. While some argue that the concept of Tefaf should be renewed and the art fair should close its doors to traders who are not focused on high end art only, others state never to change the winning concept of the world famous art trade show. To me Tefaf Maastricht remains overwhelming and a unique event. A moment to indulge in all kinds of art, ordered in a street plan of art galleries, and on the other hand, not organized at all. Don’t be surprised to find Calder and Klimt as the neighbours of Rembrandt van Rijn or find a Van Dongen winking at the old masters. Be ready for a lot of pixels when visiting Tefaf; a high density art experience.

Girl with a pearl earring-moment //

No. Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ wasn’t exhibited at Tefaf and is safely guarded at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Still, I had my-girl-with-a-pearl-earring-moment, that being a moment my eye caught something that was shining in a corner of Gallery Smith Davidson. Light-struck. Something or someone was staring at me. It appears to be the daughter of artists and photographer Marie Cecile Thijs, portraitet by her mother and I surrender…

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style OfficeSeventeen – 2015 //

Marie Cecile Thijs // 

Marie Cecile (1964) used to be a lawyer, but fell in love with the camera many years ago. Finding her work at Tefaf is not strange at all. Thijs is flirting with the old masters. ‘Her portraits are still lifes, and her still lifes become portraits. Although influenced by the old masters in painting, her work is clearly contemporary. Stillness is key in her work.’ (biography Marie Cecile Thijs).

Thijs is a surrealist and her work is serious, challenging an humorous at the same time. She’s not the photographer who awaits the best moment and catches her object in a spontaneous split second. Her portraits and still life’s are staged. Her artworks are sculptures and designs on their own before captured on camera. Light, composition and the object all together telling you a story.

Marie Cecile Thijs prizewinning work is exhibited internationally and represented by galleries in The Netherlands, The United Stated and Belgium. Three of her artworks are part of the collection of The Rijksmuseum.

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style Office

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style OfficeWhite Collar – 2009 //

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style OfficeCooks //

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style OfficeFood portraits //

Marie Cecile Thijs // Tefaf // The Style OfficeFlowers, Vases & Delftware //

Tekst // Rosan Gompers


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