Work-Life-Style choices //

Make them, embrace them & design your life.
The things that trigger us to stay happy, sharp & connected!

Masterclass Script Writing // Life Design

“Your story is the source of your unique strenghts, talents, power and ambition. Unfold it and continue to write your script…”

Geïnspireerd door de prachtige verhalen van ondernemers uit de documentaire Dream, Girl gaan we nu aan de slag met jouw verhaal! // Ook als je niet bij ons #dreamgirl #filmevent was, kun jij deze Masterclass volgen!

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We’re proud to present the first Dutch screening of DREAM, GIRL on the 22nd of May at Caballero Fabriek // HOME for DIGITAL in The Hague. When we first saw Dream, Girl – a storytelling documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring female entrepreneurs – we were ecstatic about the missions & power of female entrepreneurs! We fell in love with Erin Bagwell & Komal Minhas, the cool and talented New York City based makers of this documentary. And we knew: We have to share this film!

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Co/working abroad // A great idea!

‘Are you on a holiday or are you working?’ People ask me during breakfast at Can Pere Sord. Well, I am both actually…. I love taking time ‘off’ and bring my laptop and to do list. Being out of the office in another context increases my creativity and productivity….

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Summertime // Break your routine

Returning home from your holiday or time off? Re-energized, inspired and collected new insights and fresh ideas? Hopefully you have a lot of drive to get back to your work, into the action and use the energy, implementing ideas or new patterns. A new work- and lifestyle maybe?

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Copenhagen // Biking paradise

Copenhagen is officially the best cycling city in the world. The infrastructure is very good and the government invests in the cycling culture. Good idea, considering the costs of pollution by cars and of course, good for everyone’s health! The biking culture is in some parts a bit different from the Dutch biking culture…

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