Coffee. Create. Repeat.
Great coffee places, cafe’s and good looking barista’s.
Places to enjoy quality, hang out and sail on the wifi with a great ristretto on the side.

Walter’s grown-up style //

I already was a fan of Walter Benedict in The Hague. But last week I rediscovered Walter. The menu is still filled with not too complicated classics. The coffee is good. Love the burger. Nice wine-list. Staff still wears their smiles. I noticed the owners of Walter Benedict made some choices and changes in their interior. And my new Walter crush evolves all around these interior-choices…

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Capriole Café // Urban Style

Yes. Another hotspot. Can’t get enough of discovering new places. Especially if those places are located on rough industrial areas as ‘De Binkhorst’ in The Hague, my hometown. An area that is developing rapidly. And although these developments are good for the city of The Hague, entrepreneurs, locals and economics, I truly hope the roughness will stay. Happy to see that the location of Capriole Café, spotted and renovated by the owners op Capriole Café, kept a sense of the industrial harshness of the area. I love style and design, but I guess the urban look and feel is part of the attractiveness of this place. Let’s dive in….

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// The Coffee Collective //

Not only the place to drink the best coffee of Copenhagen. The Coffee Collective Copenhagen is an enterprise that is working on social return. Most of the clients who will enter one of the three coffee bars in Copenhagen come in for a good and tasteful cup of coffee. Don’s blame them. The Coffee is great, the coffee bars are cool and the staff is very friendly. But there’s much more to a cup at The Coffee Collective.

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Quality time @CPH Coffee Lab

If your talking coffee, you should have a cup at Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Copenhagen Coffee lab is coffee-loving place, with a strong passion for ‘all-things coffee’, as they say on there website, which is true. Coffee brewing is a ‘métier’ in this place…

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Wulff + Konstali

Wulff + Konstali is located around the corner of my apartment in Islands Brygge // Isafjordsgade // and offers freshly baked bread, breakfast, lunch, take-out and great coffee. Wulff + Konstali serves their own favorite coffee blend; Kontra coffee. You can also buy the beans in this attractive coffeespot…

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