Funky Tuesday @LePetit

Every Tuesday is Funky Tuesday at Le Petit Vinbar!

This place is unique. I wasn’t looking for a French place in Copenhagen, but the mix between French style and Nordic power creates an experience to remember.

Le Petit Vinbar is located in Torvehallerne. Le Petit is a wine annex champagne bar. If you are looking for a quality glass of wine or if you are in the mood to plop some bubbly, this is the place to be. Le Petit focuses on little and quality wine houses, mostly Italian Piedmont wines. They offer customers the opportunity to taste lesser known and exclusives Champagnes by the glass.

Also in the food section a nice mix of French and Nordic style. Cheeses, charcuterie and rillettes are on the menu. Top seller is the famous steak sandwich, available all day.

There’s always a good reason for Champagne

People make or break a place. The two owners, the Danish Ole Mejlby Jørgensen and the French Sylvain Codron, have stolen my heart, both serving customers in their own authentic way. As individuals and as co-operating business partners they give this place true character and a strong identity.

On Fridays you can find both wine ambassadors at Le Petit. On Wednesdays it’s Ole’s night on Sparkling Wednesday, tempting you with Champagne offers you can’t refuse.

On Tuesday you will find Sylvain and friends behind the counter, not only serving wine and sparks, but also treating you on some nice funky vinyl.

I’ll probably will be back…