Creative minds @Republikken

The meeting of creative minds. That’s the goal and spirit you will find at Republikken, a workspace for entrepreneurs and freelancers working in the creative sector, located on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. Community-manager Ivan Lopez Garrido shows me around and tells me more about the idea behind working @Republikken.

Mission //  “ We started Republikken 10 years ago and will celebrate our community-decade on the 9th of October this year. We are proud of the facilities we have realized for creatives working in this place. 10 years ago there we no places like this in Copenhagen for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs. It was hard to be visible. Now we have created a community with a clear identity.“

“ Our mission is to be a platform for small creative entrepreneurs, or anyone with a good idea to make it real. We create the opportunity to meet clients, create new concepts and develop ideas in comfortable and cosy environments, surrounded by Danish design made by our own architects and designers with our own machines. In this way we create visibility.”

People // “ In Republikken you will find 3 sub-communities and workspaces. We have created a space for people who work in the field of visual communications: graphical designers, website-builders and editors. By working in the same space, they share ideas on new concepts, projects and clients, but also help each other with practical pop-up questions. For people who work in communications & consultancy and for people working on design products we realized comparable workspaces. We also offer a workshop with all the tools necessary.”

“ We do have a screening, because we feel that sharing values is important to keep the community-sense. And you have to work in the creative field. When you get in, you get introduced to everyone. Knowing each other is important.”

Community-building // “ Sharing knowledge is an organic process. We do not believe in forcing the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We have tried to facilitate events and elevator pitching, but it didn’t give the results we hoped for. People will find each other when they know each other and share a common interest. Our main tool in community-building is offering a shared lunch. Combining a practical thing as having a meal with meeting colleagues in a cosy setting is key. We invest in it, also by offering healthy food, which is important too. “

“ Another essential aspect of our community-life is giving feedback. We have a strong feedback culture. We are open and direct to each other. Something which might be uncomfortable to people in the beginning, but only by this investment in one another, we keep our culture and network powerful. Cross-professional feedback is also valuable in the creative thinking process.”

Facilities // “ We offer all the facilities needed and everything is serviced. I mentioned the shared office and creative network, the café where you eat a healthy meal, meet people and work on your projects. We have rapid prototype machinery e.g. a laser cutter, meeting and conference rooms (2-18 persons) and we offer ‘Republikskolen’: courses in illustration, editing and workshops on entrepreneurship etc. Often facilitated by our own people.”

“ We have different member-levels with matching prices. Starting at the ‘connect/café co-worker space’, which is an open space, to flex desks and fixed desks in the workspaces mentioned, to private offices.“

Ambition // “ We are still growing and our member spaces are open to new people. We invest in international co-operations and networking. We have a partnership with betahaus, who facilitate workspaces in Berlin, Barcelona, Sofia and Hamburg. These spaces are open to our members 5 days a month. I have a two-weekly call with the community-managers responsible in these places to share ideas, knowledge and experiences on growing our community in the right way.”

You can contact Ivan through email for further information on membership, meeting rooms, a workspace or a guided tour //