Marketing & Mindfulness // Bricks

Candles burning, plants, meditation room, raw concrete, books with timeless and new marketing insights. This sums up the concept of Bricks; a shared workspace and community for small businesses who want to work in a meaningful context. 
But there’s much more to it.

History // Let’s start with some history. The warehouse area, where Bricks is located, was built in the 18th century. Imagine an industrial area buzzing with an atmosphere of trade, hard manual labor, import and export. A total of 13.600 m2 warehouse area originally used for storing food. The area has been semi-converted since then, but you’ll still find old railroad tracks and several marks of history. Njalsgade Komplekset (also called Startup Village) is now a melting pot of highly successful and creative companies, locally and internationally focused. The warehouses not only transmit a lot of character to the area; they also reflect the companies based here.

Alimentari // In the heart of the area you will find Alimentari. More than a coffee or lunch space. Tony Mortensen, founder of Bricks explains: “If you want to know more about the ins and outs of the community, go to Alimentari. This authentic Italian food shop and café is the place to meet and mingle, enjoy your break, have a meeting or work if you want a change of scenery. We all love it. It became part of our concept in a natural way.”

Workspace // Entering the Bricks loft. Basics, warmth, light and just a few well chosen interior accents marking you are in Bricks. This is a young community and Tony, his partner Martin Møller and member Lars Damkjær are still experimenting a bit on the use of the space and different types of working facilities. But Bricks is already expanding: “We’ve been very conscious about the value we want to create and our positioning in the market. We have managed our marketing with great care. That has resulted in good publicity and people have shown great interest in our place. We’re building our facilities, step by step. We offer an open workspace, both fixed and on-the-fly spaces in tranquil and pleasant surroundings. We also offer enclosed offices. We facilitate meeting rooms and events. Our goal is to help our members grow their business when they become part of the community. Our mission is to increase our members’ profitability and enhance their personal balance. Their success is our success.”

Yin and Yang // On the marketing & mindfulness concept Tony is quite clear. It’s a match. Like Yin and Yang. “Marketeers, companies, brand creators have to be authentic and sincere. The values have to come from within the company. Everybody knows that, but how do you find and define the real values of a company and the people representing it? That’s where the mindfulness part comes in. By being aware of true passion, direction, emotions, goals and dreams, a company can create a realistic, honest and inspiring business plan and storyline. That’s the way to make true connection with clients and employees. This idea is also the basis of the program you enter when you become a member of Bricks. We guarantee an increased profitability. Direct Response Marketing is about an honest and focused story and intelligent sales processes. Mindfulness is about being aware and conscious. Besides the work facilities we offer a meditation space and guided meditations. Being successful in business is finding an elevated sense of balance in our marketing paradigm.

I certainly will meet the inspiring and ambitious Tony Mortensen again. Our meeting was not only on ‘a tour’ and getting the story. It was about adding value towards each other, sharing ideas on marketing, this magazine and our experience in the field of concepts that work. Thanks Tony! Namaste.

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