FvonF // Portrait of essence

The online and international storytelling platform Freunde von Freunden // FvF // is one of our sources of inspiration. We were really honoured FvF shared some of their photography with us, to complete and express our concept.

Freunde von Freunden is a publication on inspiring creatives and their passions. These ‘friends of friends’ come from different cultural backgrounds and are portrayed in their daily-life context, which can be their workspace, home or business. Freunde von Freunden covers the urban and creative lifestyle we love and are passionate about.

The true encouragement is the FvF approach: By their way of working, sticking to their own beliefs and concept, Freunde von Freunden communicates real stories by real people. Their mind-set is authenticity and with this idea they connect with their readers and ambassadors. A refreshing approach in the world of blogging and branding, where competitiveness and eagerness often dominate over quality and honesty. More about Freunde von Freunden and why their work is elevating – in our modest view…

We do our own thing and create value by working from our own abilities

Do what you love //

How it started: Design Studio NoMoreSleep was looking for alternative ways to work for clients. The basic drive was ‘to do our own thing and create value by working from our own passions, abilities and skills’. This inside-out and honest approach seems one of the basic ingredients to create the, in the FvF productions and publications shown, essence.

The idea for FvF came up in the beginning of 2009 and the online publication was launched in October that year. The FvF team literally started portraying friends and their friends. The community and audience grew in an organic way.

People stories are core //

Freunde von Freunden co-operates with brands and offers content marketing solutions and branding outcomes only if the co-operation fits the FvF concept and if value is created for the readers. The story is never focused on a product, a design or an apartment, but the people portrayed. You won’t find advertorial banners on the site, because FvF feels it doesn’t fit the design. The stories are the central element and there are no distractions.

Value creation //

By co-operating with friends who share the same ideas on aesthetics, design, style and culture and their friends, FvF is able to develop the community, the circle of readers and keep the concept clean. Friends and readers value the ideas and content. A perfect way to create worth and meaning.

Expressions of the brand //

Several products reflect the spirit and content of the online publication. Two books are published. The first one covers the featured stories in FvF hometown Berlin and a second book shares the lives and homes of creatives from around the world. And there is the FvF Apartment on the Mulackstrasse in Berlin…

The Apartment //

The Apartment is a vision of urban living and a contemplation on the way the creative, mobile and digitally oriented generation lives. Also, it serves as a platform for innovative products from friends and partners and a venue for events, workshops, and presentations. The Apartment is a co-operation with the Swiss brand Vitra. The Vitra designs, from the classic Eames Lounge Chair to the contemporary Slow Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, have been a naturally reappearing element in the FvF visual stories and friends’ apartments. There is a common culture.

The FvF team and friends, who, as individuals stick to their essence, master the creation of visual storytelling: Working with love from your own core. It’s the real thing. We share that belief. And, we could live in this apartment!













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The FvF Apartment