Love @Michelberger

This is a little love story. Can you fall is love with a place? Yes. You can. I can. But only if the place is created with care. So you feel taken care of. If the place has the sound of real people. So you can connect. If the place is fun. So you can play. If it’s thought through, well designed, but messy in a good way. So you can feel at home. If the sound is good. So you can hear the music. If it’s original. So you know that the people who created it had fun while creating. If people are laughing. So you know it’s a happy place to work & stay.

Get the vibe of such a place? Here you have it. The Berlin Michelberger Hotel. A place made by friends, for friends to come and stay and to feel good.

Design and handpicked things //

Owner Tom Michelberger and Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger have created a budget hotel which feels like staying at a friends house. The Michelberger Hotel is housed in an old factory building, featuring a brick facade, high ceilings, large windows and a courtyard that acts as the social hub of the hotel. There’s no place like this.

Designers Anja Knauer and Sibylle Oellerich collaborated to design the hotel interior using objects from local flea markets, often re-purposing them for other uses, and low-cost materials. Every element of the hotel has either been custom designed and built, or selected specifically for it. From furniture to hand-lettered stickers on the water bottles, to the Honolulu book lamp and the very cool ‘do not disturb cards.’

Each room features a unique wallpaper designed by Azar Kazimir depicting symbols and images significant to the hotel and its founders.

Three room sizes are available for individuals and groups up to four people. Next to that there are the more extravagant rooms like The Big One, The Chalet and Luxus, combining elements of hotel and hostel aiming to attract both backpackers, teams, bands and business men, since the rooms can also be used for meetings, small events and parties.

The creators pride themselves on the sometimes unfinished appearance, which is symbolic of their regard towards change and evolution. There’s a desire to be continuously “under construction.”

Friends in Berlin //

Not only is the hotel an institution in Berlin; the hotel reflects the creative energy of Berlin and is proud of it. Situated between the lively districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg and very close to the last remaining piece of the Wall, the Michelberger is creating ‘new stories out of old and forgotten ones’.

It’s hard to tell the guests apart from the staff. Not only does the Michelberger crew gives you the feeling you just became a new friend and joined the tribe, the people who work here and started the place are actually a group of friends. People bound together by the same motivation: to create something that is unique. Something you want to share with your friends.

Creative stuff //

The talented Michelberger crew can do many wonderful things. The Michelberger Hotel is also a graphic design studio. They have created the graphic design for the hotel, but also work for external clients if it fits the Michelberger vision.

On the website you can find all of Michelberger’s creations and their team of friends.

So, all this action, passion, fun and creativity is reflected in this cool spot in Berlin. Can you feel the vibe? Made with friends. Made with love // I am in love.

















Check out their cool website // Michelberger Hotel
Background on the design via // dezeen
Pictures // Rosan Gompers