Top 5 reads // Copenhagen part II

As we continue our journey sharing stories on urban work- and lifestyle, you continue to read, like and give us feedback. And again, thank you!

Sharing the best reads from the last weeks we spent in Copenhagen, discovering work/life and meeting more inspiring people in this creative city…

1. Copenhagen // Biking paradise

The friendliest biking city in the world! Wear a helmet or not, that’s the question…


2. Miss Network’s secrets

A spontaneous encounter with Rikke, an ambitious networking expert…


3. Ordrupgaard // Art. Design. Architecture // Finn Juhl’s House

Old style and new design mix and match is this great art park…


4. Creative minds @Republikken

A platform for small creative entrepreneurs, or anyone with a good idea to make it real!


5. Impact Creators @KPH Copenhagen

This community is thriving on the exchange of knowledge, experience and network…


More reads in our Copenhagen archive //