Summertime // Break your routine

Returning home from your holiday, after traveling or time off? Re-energized, inspired and collected new insights and fresh ideas? Hopefully you have a lot of drive to get back to your work, into the action and use the energy, implementing ideas or new patterns. A new work- and lifestyle maybe?

How do you crack old and create new routines? Summertime is a great time to break patterns, go with the flow and make new memories. Exploring stretches the mind. How did you spend your summer?

Besides exploring the creative city of Copenhagen, we used our time to go on a road trip in Scandinavia, making new friends, visiting new places, using art, design and daily life elsewhere as a source of inspiration. Discovering cities and taking time in nature to process it all, let ideas come alive or just be & relax. It was a great mix.

In this post we share the top 5 best reads of our Scandinavian explorations!

1. The Story Hotel in Stockholm/ What’s your story?

Urban looks, style and design in amazing Stockholm…

IMG_1707 2

2. Petrol Station // Arne Jacobsen

Write about a petrol station? Yes. Wait until you see the pictures…


3. Art & Seashore @Louisiana

Have you ever seen a Museum of Modern Art at a location like this…?


4. Midsommer!

Meet summer queen Ursa, who we met in Hornbaek…


5. Sleepy Village // Archipelagoes (shared 5th position)

Sharing those silent and special moments in nowhere…



How to stay in this energy?

To be continued. We are inspired to keep on triggering your work- and lifestyle!