Imagine working & living in Copenhagen for one month…

Move and Work by Malene Birger

Sharing with you a great book as a source of inspiration on a great work- and lifestyle; Move and Work by Malene Birger. It’s one of my Copenhagen trophees and I use it as an inspiration for my house and workspace, but foremost, it feeds my dreams… And although you might travel a lot or move around, isn’t there always a reason to create a home away from home?

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Summertime // Break your routine

Returning home from your holiday or time off? Re-energized, inspired and collected new insights and fresh ideas? Hopefully you have a lot of drive to get back to your work, into the action and use the energy, implementing ideas or new patterns. A new work- and lifestyle maybe?

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City Hall by Jacobsen

Another encounter with one of Arne Jacobsen’s designs in Denmark and another statue of Danish Modernism: The Town Hall in Aarhus, which is still partly used and a true Jacobsen monument, since nothing has changed since 1941…

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Marketing & Mindfulness // Bricks

Candles burning, plants, meditation room, raw concrete, books with timeless and new marketing insights. This sums up the concept of Bricks, a shared workspace and community for small and mature businesses who like to work in a meaningful context. 
But there’s much more to it…

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Art & Seashore // Louisiana

The beautiful museum Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen, has gained a reputation as a museum in touch with the zeitgeist of the contemporary art world. LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART is a leading international museum of modern art on a beautiful spot. Located on the coast, it balances landscape, architecture and art in a unique interaction. I could wander around this unique place all day…

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